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Foreign Exchange Services

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Bank of Baroda offers a wide range of services to customers

  • Dealing in all major foreign currencies and Travellers cheques
  • Issue of Demand draft and transfer of funds thru SWIFT
  • Opening of Foreign Currency accounts
  • Bill Finance
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Export Finance

Foreign currency notes and Travellers cheques

You want to plan for holiday or business trip abroad you need to have your currency right away.We offer foreign currency for just anywhere you plan to travel. We offer competitive exchange rate without exchange fee or commissions.

You can also ask for travellers cheques which is more convenient and secured at any of our branches.

Issue of Demand draft and transfer of funds thru SWIFT

We offer a wide range of international payments to send your money quickly and safetly to its destination.

Foreign currency accounts

Term Deposit GBP EUR USD
Minimum deposit for account opening 10,000 10,000 10,000


Bill Finance

We offers a wide range of services relating to Imports and Exports as under:
  • Documentary Credits
    • We handle both imports and exports letter of credit
  • Collections
    • We collect both Foreign Inward and outward bills on behalf of our customers
  • Import Loans
    • We finance our customers for their imports
  • Export Finance
    • We also extends export finance to our customers

Bank Guarantees

We issue Bank guarantees, on behalf of our customers, in favour of third parties like Government departments, Public sector organisations etc.

Type of guarantees
  • Performance
  • Financial