The following new procedures have been adopted in respect of Cheque Truncation


Before accepting/presenting at the bank a cheque, please ensure that:

  • Cheque is signed/endorsed
  • The amount in words and figures, the name of the payee and the date are correctly written
  • Cheque is written in blue or black ink
  • Cheque is is not torn
  • Cheque is not a photocopy
  • There is no correcting fluid to cover any field on the cheques
  • Cheque has not been altered with the use of thick felt pen
Process Existing New Procedure
Cheque depositAt the counterNo change
Returned chequePhysical cheque returned to holder of the chequeImage Return Document (IRD) returned to holder of the cheque for financial and technical reasons by Port Louis Clearing Dept
Re-presentment of cheque returned for Insufficient fundsOriginal cheque is represented several times with the possibility of crediting another accountIRD can be re-presented for a maximum of 2 times only
The IRD will be taken at the counter as a cheque deposit in the same account at the same branch only
Re-presentment of cheque returned for technical errorCheque can be re-presented after corrections made by drawer and signedIRD cannot be re-presented.A new cheque has to be issued. IRD is a proof that the original cheque was not encashed
Corrections on cheques To be made by drawer and signed. Corrections can be made after first presentation Corrections can only be made before first presentation
Representment of returned cheques accounting Returned cheques and normal cheques are mixed while depositing IRD to be deposited separately in the original account separately from physical cheques