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Baroda Personal Loan

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Employees of Government and Parastatal Bodies having completed minimum 2 year of service.
Professional, Self Employed, Insurance Agents.

Personal , Travelling Abroad, Medical Expenses, Wedding Expenses, Educational Expenses, Purchase of commodities

For Govt. Employees and Employees of Parastatal Bodies : Maximum Limit up to 24 months of salary(Max Limit Rs500,000 without guarantor &Max  Limit Rs1,000,000 with guarantor)
For other customers Limit up to 24 months of salary Max limit Rs500,000


Maximum 84 months for loan less than 500,000/- for Govt employees and employees of Parastatal Bodies
Maximum 120 months for loans above 500,000/- for Govt employees and employees of Parastatal Bodies
Maximum 36 to 84 months for all other customers*
* Condition apply
Rate of Interest
3.00% Over PLR

Salary Pledge
For non salaried income to be routed thru our bank
Guarantee of min one person of adequate means
Processing Fee
1% Min Rs500 Max Rs5,000

Documents to be submitted along with application
National ID Card-Individuals
Marriage Certificate wherever applicable,
Latest Utility Bill
Latest 3 months Salary slip
Copy of Income Tax return
Business License
Non customers to provide Statement of Account for last 2 years
For further details of the Scheme and terms & conditions, please contact nearest Branch