New Bank Procedures for Returned Cheques

The Mauritius Bankers Association (MBA) wishes to inform the public that, as from 7 October 2014 and in line with directives issued by the Bank of Mauritius in the context of the new paperless Cheque Truncation System in place, all commercial banks will adopt the following procedures in respect of returned cheques:

  • In the case of an unpaid cheque, the depositor will receive an Image Return Document (IRD) instead of the physical unpaid cheque. This IRD will serve as a notice of dishonour of the cheque. It will also serve as a legal copy of the original cheque and may be used as proof that the cheque was returned. The original cheque will remain in the custody of the bank where it was deposited.
  • Any alteration to the IRD will not be allowed as the change will not correspond to the scanned image of the original cheque held in the cheque clearing system. The IRD will mention whether the cheque image can be re-presented or not.
  • IRD issued due to technical errors (i.e cheques bearing incorrect dates, mismatch of amounts in words or figures, incorrect signatures, etc) cannot be re-presented and a new cheque has to be requested from the drawer.
  • Only IRD issued due to the cheque account being insufficiently funded may be re-presented but for a maximum of two times (three times including the first presentation), following which a new cheque would need to be requested from the drawer.

The MBA invites customers to contact their respective banks for more information on the new procedures.